Our Story So Far

Welcome to The Outdoor Guide (TOG). This is a place for people who love the outdoors. You don’t have to be an enthusiast. Maybe you’re just someone who enjoys hiking, or taking the family camping for the odd weekend. Or perhaps you like ambling around quaint villages, enjoy good country pubs or cycling through picturesque scenery. TOG is a curated site that aims to pull together all sorts of information and material that’s outdoor related, all under one sky. From gear to news about walking festivals, the latest information from the National Trust, tree planting initiatives, forest adventures with the kids and lots more.

We’re not in competition with anyone or trying to sell you stuff (although there is some cool gear in our Outdoor Showroom). It’s about sharing our stories, outdoor intelligence and knowledge. In time we want the community to grow and to start sharing with each other too.

The site is evolving and we have some truly wonderful partners – but we still need your feedback and help. Get in touch if you have a good walk, story or something original and outdoor related you want to share. We’re trying to support English original design in the TOG Showroom but if something awesome catches your eye (and it’s from Australia/Nicaragua) we’re all ears.

We have been following TV presenter Julia Bradbury and have had exclusive access to her and the crew while they were filming her new walks series for ITV. Julia has become one of our most popular on-screen faces appearing in programmes like Wainwrights Walks, Planet Earth Live, Kill It Cook It Eat it, Watchdog, The Wonder of Britain and Countryfile.

Enjoy your visit around the site, and please feel free to wander off – we have links to many of our friends and associates – just come and see us again soon.

The TOG Team