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Ramblers Walking Holidays, Isle of Man

The timeless jewel of the Irish Sea
Encircled by the wild Irish Sea, on the Isle of Man you are amidst sweeping coastlines, gentle rolling hills, leafy valleys and hidden coves.

As a walker you are able to appreciate the best the island has to offer, reaching the hidden corners others may miss.

The Isle of Man, home of the mythical sea god Manannan, is just 32 miles long by 12 miles wide. From the highest peak, Snaefell, views extend over the water to the Cumbrian hills of the Lake District, Ireland’s Mountains of Mourne and the Welsh mountains of Snowdownia. Inland paths lead you through ancient woodland glens where mosses and lichens grow thick on twisted trunks and weathered rocks.

The island’s villages and natural features often have intriguing names originating from Manx Gaelic or the language of ancient Viking invaders. And on your walks expect to come across many of the island’s curiosities. There’s the Laxey Wheel, the world’s largest working water wheel, wild wallabies, the four-horned Loaghtan Sheep introduced by the Vikings, horse-drawn trams and last but not least, the Manx cat.

Day 1 – Douglas
Independent arrival at The Welbeck Hotel in Douglas.

Day 2 – Douglas
Five days of guided walking, between 7 – 10 miles of walking with ascents of up to 150m, although of several days, the ascent will be less than this. One free day to enjoy activities of your choosing.

Day 8 – –
Departure from the hotel after breakfast.