Canal and River Trust

In an increasingly fast-paced and crowded world, our historic canals and rivers provide a local haven for people and nature.

The Canal and River Trust are delighted to be part of The Outdoor Guide community and we’re helping to inspire as many people as possible to connect with our canals and rivers, enjoy quality time and make lasting memories.

We’re the charity entrusted with the care of 2,000 miles of waterways in England and Wales.

With over 1,500 miles of walking routes around the country, and links to thousands of miles of footpaths, the Canal & River Trust’s towpaths provide peaceful havens in towns and cities across the UK. The network offers excellent walking routes for leisurely strolls or long-distance hikes.

Canal & River Trust warn that the nation’s much loved tradition of feeding the ducks bread could be damaging their health and habitats. Watch our video to find out how the age old tradition of heading to a local waterways to feed the ducks leftover bread is harming the ducks, and what we all should be feeding them instead. To get your free Waterside Quests booklet and duck-food Pouch today, click here.

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