Champing ™



Champing™ – a unique opportunity to stay somewhere truly extraordinary. Champing™ is the latest phenomenon in English camping since the re-purposing of the shepherds hut. It’s so good, we invented a new(ish) word for it and trademarked it.

It’s new, different, exclusive, convenient, great value for money, great for the planet – oh, and it’s jolly good fun!

approval-logo-100TOG Says…

“Here at TOG we love the concept of ChampingTM it is great for families to get away for a long weekend, staying in a church and taking the dog too. What a wonderful experience!”

Champing™ Churches

Champing™ is a also huge hit for a get-together, as our lofty churches have space enough for everyone and a hefty discount is applied for groups of 8 people or more! Plan your Champing™ adventure today!

"If you like pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain..."

We do! And to show what a fan of all things cocktail we are, we've made some new ones up! Next time you're in a trendy cocktail bar or in the beach on hols, make sure you ask for a Ginger Gargoyle or Transept TeaTini.

You heard it here first...

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