Lifetrak Fitness Watches

We firmly believe that your heart is at the centre of everything you do – fuelling your life and driving your passions. Monitoring your heart rate and using it in fitness tracking is the most accurate way to set your fitness goals and help you reach them. We are wholly committed to providing the premier fitness trackers that listens to your heart to help build your path to better health.

Today, LifeTrak has already started to fulfill this promise with its current portfolio of 24-hr fitness trackers that listen to your heart to help build your path to better health, through proven science, innovative technologies and user-friendly goal setting.

LifeTrak is the most accurate fitness tracker and wellness partner that seamlessly integrates into your life because only LifeTrak has the legacy and technology to use heart rate as both a method of ensuring accuracy as well as measurement of health.

In addition to providing the best technologies to achieve this, LifeTrak is a committed health and wellness partner to you by providing education and information on heart health, activity plans and support.

Our team is constantly enhancing our heart rate monitoring technology and also innovating in new areas of health and fitness, so stay tuned!