Technological advances enabled us to design a device that protects our beloved dogs from the dangers of extremes of temperature particularly in a vehicle, rather than simply relying on luck – with attendant tragic consequences.  animalarm is now distributed world-wide and continues to help countless dogs from treasured family pets to life-saving working dogs.

Based on its ongoing research, Animaware has also developed other products to aid animal welfare.  We were the first company to make the now very popular cool gel mats for dogs, introduced as a result of our knowledge of temperature profiles in vehicles on the move – thanks again to the animalarm.

All of us at Animaware have a passion for life and animals and all of our products are designed by dog-owners for dogs and owners!  The unique bond between dogs and their owners or handlers underpins all that we do: preserving and rewarding that unquestioning loyalty which will last a lifetime is our mission.  Your dog, whatever his role, is devoted to you.  Keep them safe and happy – they deserve it.


TOG Says …

“We have been using the Gel Mat with our mascot Lotte, and she loves it!”

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