PelliTec® blister prevention pads stick to the inside of your footwear not on your skin. The gel interior of the circular pad moves with your foot to prevent the friction which can cause a blister. If a blister is already in place the pad will cushion the area to relieve pain and keep you moving. The pads fit all shoe sizes, can be applied to any part of your footwear and will stay firmly in place even if the inside of your footwear gets wet. Our normal price is £6.95 for a pack of 2 pads. You can receive 15% discount by applying the coupon code – walx – at the checkout on Our website also includes a useful video showing how to apply the pads.

Our ethos is to give walkers confidence to start their walk without the fear of a painful blister forming. We are all about blister prevention and have developed in the UK the only blister prevention pad available worldwide which prevents friction, cushions and sticks to the inside of your footwear, not on your skin. You know your feet better than anybody else. Where you have suffered from blisters before, the position a ‘hot spot’ forms after a few miles and the pain a blister can cause. Too many people have to carry on in pain or stop walking altogether because of a blister.

By sticking to the inside of your footwear, not on your skin, the PelliTec® pads work by the gel core moving with your foot to reduce the friction which can cause a blister. The pads can be placed to prevent blisters on most parts of the foot. You can carry the pads with you and slip one into your footwear if you feel a ‘hot spot’ forming and don’t want it to develop into a full blown, painful blister. No more fiddling around with the traditional ‘stick on skin’ products.

Caution – if you have diabetes or poor circulation please consult your doctor before using PelliTec pads.