OneLeg Posture Stool Low/Gardening Stool

An ergonomic stool for working at floor and ground level, indispensable as a gardening stool, for cleaning cupboards and even grooming the dog.

OneLeg will save your knees and back whenever you have things to do at ground level.  Rock and turn on the unique curved base; Oneleg will follow your movement, giving you a wide radius whilst strengthening your back and abdominal muscles. You will be amazed at the improvement to your core strength by using OneLeg.

The curved base is gentle to the ground and won’t sink down into grass or soil. You can use OneLeg on both flat and sloped areas. The OneLeg Stool Low is a great gardening stool, whilst also suitable for use by adults and children around the home. Use OneLeg for working at a table or desk, this multi-functional stool is available in varying height options with an anti-slip foot for use around the home.

Children love OneLeg as a dynamic seat that enables them to move around without causing a distraction. It has been proven that OneLeg improves posture and calmness.


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