Our passion for the purity and sustainability of Eco for Life, began with our passion for the environment.  We decided to fill our 100% plant made bottles with a great tasting still spring water, bottled at source in The New Forest.

Natural, Premium, Reusable, Refillable, Eco for Life bottles are fully biodegradable and compostable, they are made 100% from plants from a completely renewable resource and can be disposed of in several eco-friendly ways.

They will biodegrade in properly managed home compost heaps and can also be biodegraded in industrial composters which many local authorities and waste management companies have access to, a fantastic way to return these 100% plant made bottles back to the soil from which they grew.

Eco for Life bottles are fully chemical free, and because they are made 100% from plants, this stops finite fossil fuels from being used as a raw material, crude oil amounts to approximately 25% of the composition of each PET plastic bottle.

When it comes to the health of the planet as well as ourselves, our bottles are a big step in the right direction away from ‘plastic’ single use bottles.

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