Phil Sproson – Peak District Calendar 2019

The Peak District Calendar 2019 by Phil Sproson Photography is now available. Now in its fifth year of production, the Peak District Calendar has become sought after and anticipated by previous customers, and then because of word of mouth and also its huge popularity on Amazon, where it enjoys lots and lots of 5-star ratings, it is getting found by new customers all the time.

The Peak District Calendar is well traveled and many copies end up on walls in Australia, Japan, the USA, all over Scandinavia and Europe and of course all over the UK and into homes and offices of the Peak District itself.

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The Peak District Calendar is printed using top quality papers and wonderfully vivid printing, it is A4 opening to A3 and has lots of space to write notes. The calendar really is both beautiful and totally practical.

Each month of the calendar is meant to inspire you, and to encourage you to come and visit and see what the Peak District has to offer. The Peak District is the nation’s favourite National Park, and that is no wonder, from its millstone edges to silver birch woodlands, its streams, rivers and reservoirs, and the large moors of the Dark Peak. Then a new landscape that is presented in the White Peak of gentle pastures and wonderful field patterns, it really is a place that everybody can enjoy.

The Peak District Calendar by Phil Sproson Photography brings you a gorgeous Peak District scene to your wall of your home every month.