Marco Polo Intercontinental Limited are the brand owners of ‘Eco for Life’ – still spring water bottled in bottles made from PLA (polylactic acid) made 100% from plants and have many years’ experience in the global wholesale supply of consumer products.

It was at a stay at an Eco resort in Asia that one of our Directors was offered water in what they quickly realised was a remarkable bottle, and we now have exclusive distribution rights to market and sell PLA bottles throughout the UK and Europe.

Marco Polo appointed Key Brands International Limited as sole distributors for their brand ‘Eco for Life’ still water bottled at source in The New Forest; Key Brands have extensive knowledge of brand building and distribution throughout the world.

We also wanted to enable other companies throughout Europe to use these PLA bottles for their own brands, thus reducing the use of ‘plastic’ bottles even further across Europe as well as in the UK.

Consequently, we developed the option for bespoke design bottles. This means that in addition to water, our bottles can be used for a vast range of other drinks, for example dairy products, juices, and pulps.

TOG Says …

“We’re proud to be a partner with Eco for Life, supporting their campaign to reduce the amount of plastic bottles used.”

Sometimes, it seems that we can’t escape pollution. In our streets, in the countryside and even filling our minds! Happily, we’re not powerless …

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