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St Davids Airfield Sensory Walk
This walk is designed by Colin Fieldsman. A poem he has written about this walk is a follows. ‘Man moves out; nature invades, reclaiming and healing what did for years remain. As strips of concrete, mounds of earth, fenced pasture, all now natures domain. Runways take the eye cross level country to volcanic like summits of the Presellis; Or point you opposite to sandy beaches and rock pools to navigate in your wellies.

Walls of earth will become a tapestry of wild flowers in their season,

And Butterflies are here, not for the view but nectar the only reason.

Aerial combats still take place as Dragonflies hawk their prey.

Swallows and Martins fly in squadrons over pasture or new mown hay.
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Like rockets awaiting a launch, “new” standing stones ever point skyward,

As do Skylarks, raining down their signature call song over the green sward.

The village nearby with its outhouses, is the nursery of many an avian brood.

Behind in a wood, with resident Crows and mewing Buzzards, dive bombing in a search for food.

But no need to hunt for your next meal as St. Davids will supply, for every taste and many cultures, there’s even a chippy to satisfy.’

Colin’s Verdict of the walk: Once echoing to the drone of Halifax Bombers, nowadays the criss-cross of old runways.

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