Our mission is to inspire more children and families to go outside and discover the wonders of the natural world. All children deserve opportunities to explore green spaces and play outdoors; we believe they should be as comfortable in the wild world as they are in the world of modern technology.

We give practical advice, ideas and inspiration for fun things to do outside through our series of fully illustrated activity books and our website www.goingwild.net. We also write articles, give talks and run training events for educators, parents and those working in the environment.

Message to TOG

“We are delighted to be part of The Outdoor Guide and raise public awareness to the importance of redressing the balance between children and nature.

We hope Going Wild will inspire more people to leave the comfort of their living rooms and get outdoors to experience the natural world for real.”

Wild Wishes,
Fiona and Jo

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We believe that childhood experiences in the natural world are vital, helping young people to:

  • be mentally and physically healthier
  • have opportunities to learn important life skills and true values
  • understand their connection, influence and ultimately their responsibilities to the health and protection of our world and its ecosystems


Going Wild is about escaping into the great outdoors to discover the wonders and excitement of the natural world. Whether out in the countryside or in the city, it’s possible to seek out wilderness on your doorstep.

Going Wild aims to inspire children and young people to switch off that tv and rush outside where imaginations can run riot., where they can have fun, learn new skills, judge risk for themselves and improve their confidence and self esteem by facing new challenges.

Going Wild aims to help you take advantage of whatever nature offers, wherever you live, (town or country), at any time of the year (winter or summer), whatever the weather!

Going Wild encourages young people and families to try something new and discover the pleasures a simpler life outdoors can offer, away from commercial pressures without spending a fortune.

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