Formed in 1926, the Campaign to Protect Rural England has been standing up for the countryside for 90 years. We have made a huge difference over the years, particularly in establishing the Green Belts around our cities (the ‘countryside next door’ for 30 million people) and the National Parks which attract 260 million visitors a year with their stunning scenery.

CPRE is delighted to be part of The Outdoor Guide community and to help inspire others to explore and have outdoor adventures. We need to value and protect the countryside for the countless benefits it provides to our health and enjoyment, particularly in providing beautiful, tranquil places for recreation and reflection.

Our Vision for the Countryside describes the countryside CPRE wants to see in our centenary year of 2026. It sets out a countryside that is used and valued by everyone, and where people are in tune with the environment and aware of their impact on it.

A beautiful and living countryside, accessible to all, has always been valuable. In tough economic times, when everyone is under increasing stress, it should be priceless.

Peter Waine Says…
approval-logo-100“My initial contact with Julia was when I was chairman of CPRE. From the very first moment we seemed to hit it off, combining friendship with a full realisation that together we could help the many causes we shared, with a deep desire to make people aware of the stunning countryside we enjoy all around us, and to make people equally aware that it must never be taken for granted.. Julia’s infectious portrayal of the landscapes combined with our campaigning is always a joy to be part of and hopefully results in a legacy to be proud of.”

Oliver Hilliam Says..
approval-logo-100 “Julia has been a great ambassador for the countryside, both as a Vice President of CPRE South Yorkshire, and in her vital role in bringing the joys of the countryside into millions of living rooms. From defending the importance of the Right to Roam, to celebrating the life-affirming beauty of our National Parks, she has encouraged the nation to get out and enjoy the countryside at first hand. Now, with The Outdoor Guide, people have a great new resource to help them get the most out of the experience. And the more people enjoy the countryside, the more they will want to protect it. Hurrah for TOG – it might just be the next great idea that helps save the English countryside!”

TOG Says …

“We’re delighted to partner the Campaign to Protect Rural England and to promote the amazing work that they do around the country.”

22 Ideas That Saved The English Countryside

22 Ideas That Saved The English Countryside is a new book written by Peter Waine, former CPRE chairman, and Oliver Hilliam, senior communications and information officer at CPRE.

The book tells the story of the evolution of England’s relationship with the countryside and our desire to defend it from the forces of industrialisation and urban sprawl – from the birth of England’s conservation movement with the Commons Preservation Society in 1865, to the recent campaign to save England’s forests.

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22 Ideas That Saved The English Countryside by Peter Waine and Oliver Hilliam is published by Frances Lincoln, price £25.00

Julia Bradbury joins CPRE and Peter Waine for their book Launch at Hatchards Book Shop in Picadilly

Julia Bradbury joins CPRE and Peter Waine for their book Launch at Hatchards Book Shop in Picadilly


Green Belts remain the most vulnerable areas of our countryside. Although 95% of people value their beauty, there are currently plans for 275,000 homes on these precious buffers against urban sprawl. With developers arguing the Green Belt should be loosened, we are calling on the Government to strengthen their protection. Please help by sharing your support for Our Green Belt.