Making a Difference Through Conservation – the European Outdoor Industry in Action

The European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) is a non profit organisation set up to combine the collective efforts of companies working in the European outdoor industry to raise funds to protect, conserve and restore threatened wild landscapes and habitats.

With nearly 140 members, the organisation has raised over €2.6 million, which has been spent on 105 different conservation projects around the world. To name but a few, EOCA has renovated trails in Macedonia, Scotland, Austria and Nepal; restored, planted and saved forests in the Czech Republic, Bolivia and Sweden; created and improved valuable and threatened wildlife habitats for elephants in Thailand and Kenya, brown bears in northern Spain, river dolphins in India, raptors in Georgia and falcons in Bulgaria and cleared tonnes of rubbish from mountains and seas worldwide. In the last month, the Association has committed to restoring trails in the UK, wetlands in Cambodia and red squirrels in Scotland.


TOG Says… “The Outdoor Guide has become involved with the EOCA for so many reasons but perhaps the most important being the shared value we place on the environment and our mutual ambition to get people to appreciate nature and wild places. We believe in joining forces to work toward what might be the most important goal of this day and age which is to preserve the natural world and teach future generations to respect the environment.

By curating gorgeous walks around the UK and Europe, The Outdoor Guide are driving towards encouraging a whole generation to get outside and get walking, because the more we do, the more inspired we will be to protect nature and all it has to offer.”


For further information about EOCA, the work it does and the projects it supports, please have a look at