HiiKER is a Free platform to find thousands of walking and hiking trails from all over the world or create your own. Using the mobile application, you can save curated routes or routes you create yourself to your phone so that you can access them offline for free. The company was founded in Ireland by four hikers; Paul, Eoin, Pete and Mark. And the platform is built with the mission of helping more people enjoy the outdoors safely.

As well as providing free offline routes, HiiKER supports the organisations that enable people to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. These include those that build and maintain walking and hiking trails, as well as those that provide education and resources to groups and individuals, to help them feel confident in the outdoors.

“We are proud to partner with an organisation that values the importance of enabling young people to spend more time in nature and to feel confident in the outdoors. This is central to our mission in HiiKER, which makes our partnership with The Outdoor Guide Foundation all the more exciting”

– Paul Finlay, CEO

TOG Says …

“Here at TOG we share the same mission as Hiiker to help enable everyone to access and enjoy the great outdoors safely. We’re grateful to have them on board as a partner and for their support of The Outdoor Guide Foundation.”