Hampstead Heath: The Walker’s Guide, David McDowell

Hampstead Heath: The Walker’s Guide, David McDowell
David McDowall’s Walker’s Guide to Hampstead Heath gives the reader 10 enormously detailed walking tours for exploring the Heath, that much-loved slice of undeveloped, beautiful countryside at the heart of North London, and its famed surrounding areas …


Far from merely outlining routes and providing directions, this guide constitutes one of the best-researched, most detailed works on the Heath available. Each short stage of each walk is accompanied by explanatory text, giving an extraordinary amount of information on the Heath’s deep, rich history of human activity, its ecology, flora and fauna, and the cast of characters who have lived in and around the Heath and been inspired by it. Contains many hand-drawn black and white illustrations, diagrams, landscapes & maps to supplement the text. 

“I have great pleasure in recommending this delightful book to you. Hampstead Heath – arguably the best loved of London’s open spaces – is many things to many people, but above all it is a place of great beauty and surprising antiquity. For those who wish to walk and discover the hidden joys and treasures which are to be found within the Heath, this book is your passport to a very pleasurable experience and to a fuller understanding of the unique importance of this special place.” – Christine M. Cohen, Chairman, Hampstead Heath Management Committee, Corporation of London.

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