Mountain Trike – lever drive all terrain wheelchair

The flagship all terrain Mountain Trike has a unique lever drive system which allows the user to independently propel, steer and apply the hydraulic brakes whilst maintaining clean, dry hands in all weathers. Direct steering is applied by turning a joystick located on one of the drive levers and each drive lever independently propels one of the main wheels. A third wheel at the rear of the chair offers stability, hydraulic brakes give all weather control and 3 independent shock absorbers offer comfort and safety over rough and uneven ground.

Many features can be customised – the frame is adjustable, the footrest can be raised or lowered and the seat back comes in various sizes allowing for maximum fit. The frame can be personalised from a wide range of colour choices and a number of compatible accessories are also available. As well as an eKit which can convert the Mountain Trike into the eTrike.