MSC Camping 3W Solar Charger

MSC Waterproof Camping 3w 7000mAh Solar Charger (3+ phone charges)
The patented MSC Camping 3W solar charger is a very compact, universal solar power bank, with the addition of an extra solar panel, folded along the back and inbuilt charging leads for constant solar recovery in any direct light. It also has dual standard USB output ports giving the ability to charge 3 devices simultaneously (to a max of 2.3A).


  • Patented design
  • Inbuilt USB & Micro USB charging leads
  • Ideal for a few days away from mains, stored charges + an extra solar charge a day
  • Compact waterproof solar power bank
  • Clamshell dual solar panel design, compact & robust
  • Monocrystalline 3w very high output solar panels
  • Triple USB output, 2A and 1A simultaneously
  • Ideal solar phone charger for travel and camping
  • Recharges from mains USB, PC /Car USB and our folding solar
  • At least 3 full stored charges of an iPhone + high solar recovery
  • Will recharge all phones and 5v USB chargeable devices, including GPS, GoPro, Mp3, iPods, iPads and all Samsung phones and Tablets
  • Holds stored charge for months
  • 1 Year Warranty