ICEFALL PRO 600 Sleeping Bag

  • Center zip for easy access and the convenience to partially open when sitting
  • 3D hood profile
  • Redefined neck baffle position and profile minimise draughts and heat loss
  • Neck baffle with one hand drawcord pull positioned each side easy adjustment
  • Box wall construction with MicroThermo Ball for a down-like properties with maximum loft and insulation
  • MicroThermo Ball insulation provides superior insulation and compressibility without down’s vulnerability to moisture
  • Hood drawcord pull positioned each side for efficient adjustment
  • Shark fin foot box with extra insulation
  • Double sided zip baffle eliminates draughts and heat loss
  • Body contour profile for optimum warmth to weight ratio
  • One-hand-adjustable elastic high-waist drawcord for increased insulation especially when sitting up


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