Raleigh Bikes is an iconic British brand. Established over 125 years ago, chances are most people have ridden a Raleigh at some point in their life. Bikes such as the Grifter, the Burner and the Chopper bring back fond memories for many people.

Now in 2017, Raleigh is leading the electric bike revolution in the UK, a revolution that’s making cycling in the great outdoors even more accessible than before and that’s why we’re delighted to be working with The Outdoor Guide and Julia Bradbury.

Raleigh’s mission is to make cycling fun and affordable for families and people of all ages across the nation. We’re going to be riding out on walks completed by Julia that are suitable for two-wheels and letting you know where to ride.

Here on TOG we’ve also brought together some advice on buying and maintaining a bike along with a guide to Raleigh’s product so that you can find a route at the same time as find some advice or even a new bike.

Raleigh have a national network of dealers, all of whom provide a fantastic service so if you want to find your local shop rather than buy online, we’ve also included where to go to get a Raleigh.

Raleigh believe in providing quality products, and that’s why they offer a lifetime guarantee on bikes bought from their dealers

Julia Bradbury

“The Raleigh name is synonymous with bikes and biking, and many of the walking paths and trails we have identified are equally well suited to “free-wheeling” family excursions. Established for over 125 years Raleigh bicycles are an iconic British brand. Were you once the proud owner of a Grifter, a Burner, or even a Chopper? I know I had a chopper!”


The Outdoor Guide’s top five tips for looking after the environment …

Wheel Friendly Walks