Raleigh Electric Bikes

The advent of e-bikes in the UK has made cycling much more inclusive for people of all ages. An e-bike or electric bike has an electric motor attached meaning struggling up hills and against headwinds are a thing of the past.

The motors are either in the hub of one of the wheels or attached to the pedals. The motors are powered by a removable battery pack that typically provides power for 75km of cycling in one charge.

Charging the battery couldn’t be simpler, this is done by plugging it into the charger whilst still on the bike or removing the battery pack and charging it separately.

Raleigh has an e-bike to suit all needs with prices starting from £1100


 How does an e-bike work?
The e-bike senses how hard you are pedalling and then adds the amount of power you need. And whether you’re feeling energetic or just need a little extra boost, you can choose the amount of assistance by simply pressing a button on the handlebar.

With an e-bike you can return to the saddle successfully, even if it’s years since you last enjoyed cycling. You certainly don’t need to be a serious cyclist, nor do you need to be incredibly fit meaning the world of the British countryside is yours to ride!

  • For lazy days exploring the highways and byways of Britain, look no further than a Leisure or Classic styled e-bike such as the Motus or e-Spirit.
  • For folding bikes, that are perfect for commuters and caravaners alike, the Stow-e-way is everything you need and can fit in small spaces.
  • Those looking for thrills, spills and an extra gear in the city, shape up with an e-bike from Raleigh’s Urban range such as the Strada TSE.