We love walking, did you know? But we also love cycling! We suspected the cyclists amongst you might be getting a bit frustrated that the walkers were getting all the good routes and views, so we agreed it was time to give some TLC to the biking community. TOG Cycle will bring cyclist-friendly versions of our walks to our followers so that there really is something for everyone.

Cycling will not only help you to get fit, healthy and toned, doing wonders for your personal health, but is also a great form of stress management and anxiety relief – an essential for your mental well being. Get the summer body you’re dreaming of and more importantly, be calm and happy!

As well as cycling routes for every level, whether you’re starting out or are a pro, TOG Cycle will also display all our favourite cycling apparel and keep our users up to date on all cycling news – from cycling events to the next craze, be it carb or road cycling, as well as tips on how to keep up fitness levels.