Gardens are important for so many reasons. Often, they can be the much-needed oases away from urban life. They are spaces where we work with nature to grow and cultivate for both aesthetic and practical purposes. Gardens can be the first step our children take into the natural world and where they learn to appreciate the outdoors.

With that in mind, The Outdoor Guide are excited to announce that TOG Garden, a portal of information about gardening, will soon be available to our users. From landscaping to tending to your home garden, we’ll have gardening tips and guides to help you make the most of your outdoor space, including how to create a vegetable garden and how to get kids gardening. TOG Garden will be the go to place for landscaping ideas, tips on seasonal and winter gardening as well as a space to keep an eye on all the trends; hydroponics, vertical, indoor gardening and more!

TOG Garden will bring you the very best of gardening tools, gardening supplies, gardening gifts and ideas so that you can get your little (or big) bit of nature thriving as it should.

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