Near Future Garden is a Conceptual Garden at the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show 2016 from July 5th to 10th 2016.

This environmental garden conveys the importance of using earth’s natural elements to ensure a low carbon future.

Inspirational garden design has the potential to impact on its audience and Near Future Garden aims to influence the carbon footprint of 146,000 visitors to RHS Hampton 2016

About the garden
Visitors enter the Near Future Garden via a specially designed Carbon Path impregnated with footprints of famous Climate Champions.

This leads to a vortex of black “oil”, slowly draining away as we burn fossil fuels, depleting the earth of the essential carbon that it needs to balance increasing emissions.

Wooden sculptures represent Nature’s powerful elements; the sun, wind and water. Each element calls man to harness these natural sources of energy to power the world now to ensure the legacy of a low carbon future.

The drought-tolerant planting scheme shows one possible extreme weather scenario – is this a possible garden of the ‘Near Future’?

Julia Says..

“When I was a little girl my Dad taught me to tickle trout in a stream in Buxton. It was an experience I have never forgotten and I genuinely believe if we can get our little ones to engage in just the smallest of outdoor adventures, bug hunting in the park or building shelters in the garden, then we can secure the passion of future generations to love and protect our earth.”