Julia Bradbury

Walk Yourself Happy · Walking & Wellness Retreat · South Lodge, West Sussex · 23 – 24 September 2024

I have brought together a group of experts who have been so transformative in my journey, and together with them, I want to lead you through a series of life-changing walking & wellness workshops on a focussed two-day, one-night retreat at the stunning South Lodge in West Sussex. Join me as we explore the key chapters and learn techniques to thrive and enjoy the beneficial beauty of nature.’

Julia Bradbury

South Lodge ·  A Five-Star Country Retreat: Where the natural world and modern expectations live in perfect harmony.


At our walking and well-being reset retreat in West Sussex, we will inspire your long-term journey to health and healing in nature. Walk Yourself Happy Retreats offers the perfect combination for walkers, lovers of nature, and those looking to enhance their health, mind, body, and soul through workshops, walks, and nutritional advice. Your well-being retreat curator and host, Julia Bradbury, will be there throughout the experience, working alongside you in the sessions, leading the much-anticipated nature walks, and reading extracts from her Sunday Times Bestseller in the most life-enhancing surroundings.

Your retreat will feature sessions with our experts, including international breathwork practitioner Patrick McKeown. You’ll rest, reconnect and restore with Lisa Pauley and reignite a deep connection to nature, unlocking freedom of movement with forest walks and through every balance along a fallen branch, lift of a log, or hang from a tree with Hannah Beadle.

Julia and renowned nutritionist Pauline Cox will design the perfectly balanced menu for your two-day, one-night stay. Dining with Julia, our experts and other attendees in private, this intimate family-style approach offers the perfect opportunity to discuss the day and graze over shared interests. We will explore the practices through dinner conversation and wrap up with an informal Q&A.

But the knowledge sharing doesn’t end there; Julia will reveal how she embeds these incredible techniques into her everyday routine. Our team has meticulously prepared top tips and takeaways for each attendee, ensuring you leave equipped with practical knowledge. These will happily complement the personally gifted Walk Yourself Happy journaling notebook, a tool you’ll find useful during your stay and beyond!

Dan Wait, General Manager at South Lodge

‘We are delighted to be partnering with The Outdoor Guide to host Julia Bradbury’s September Walk Yourself Happy Retreat. We truly believe in the power of immersing yourself in nature, switching off from the everyday and switching on your senses. It’s what we’re all about at South Lodge, and with 93 acres to explore and outstretched views of the South Downs, we’re perfectly placed and really connect with Julia’s ambition to inspire healing and health in nature through their incredible walk and well-being retreats.’

The spirit of South Lodge is epitomised in its soul-soothing (and sustainable) spa, where nature is the greatest source of inspiration. Unobstructed views meet innovative treatments, fitness facilities and pools to offer total relaxation and escapism and help you switch off your mind and switch on your senses.

For all enquiries and bookings of more than one person, please email gina@theoutdoorguide.co.uk

The Walk Yourself Happy events are operated by Challenge The Wild and The Outdoor Guide. All accommodation, meals and wellness workshop sessions are included in the price. For pre-retreat stays, please book directly with South Lodge Hotel.

Registration forms will be sent within 14 days of booking, and further event details and digital welcome packs will be sent within eight weeks of the retreat date.

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