Guide to choosing a ride

There are lots of bikes and types of bikes to choose from, so Raleigh have provided some helpful pointers for anyone thinking of taking up or returning to cycling:

As well as helping you in selecting the cycle type and brand your dealer should be able to help with choosing the correct size of bike for you.


  1. Decide on the type of cycling you want to do at the outset. Whether it’s a leisurely hour or two cycling with the family at weekends or maybe as a healthy (and environmentally-friendly) way of getting around, your planned activities and ground conditions should be considered when choosing a bike.
  2. Go to a cycle dealership, Raleigh’s dealers are specialists steeped in sector knowledge. You can rely on your dealer for advice. Many dealers will be happy to let you go on a test ride to make absolutely sure it’s the bike for you. Raleigh Select dealers offer a See, Try, Buy service that includes an opportunity for customers to take bikes out on a test ride.
  3. Choose the right size bike for you. This helps with safety, comfort and performance. It’s not true that you need to be able to put your feet flat on the floor when you sit on the saddle, instead it’s best for your feet to be able to just touch the floor. Remember there can be a variance in different bikes of the same list size. So for example, not all cycles with 19” frames have exactly the same dimensions.