Behind the Scenes with Julia Bradbury and The Outdoor Guide filming in Cheshire

Dear Diary …

Day 1

Having left Scotland, the crew are now on the way to Barton, Cheshire in the trusty Subaru Outbacks…. hoping we didn’t leave any chargers behind…

After a 5 hour drive, we are welcomed to Cheshire at the Cock O’Barton (in Barton… unsurprisingly!) – we are so happy to be here and to put up our feet before we set out filming the walk.

Cock O’Barton is recommended by accessTOG with their all new courtyard suites built on ground level allowing easy access for wheelchairs – a perfect place to stay for those of all abilities.

Day 2

Our walk starts at Beeston Crag, so we’re heading there to get some top notch scenic shots of views over to Bickerton. You can see the ruins of the medieval Beeston Castle at the top. 

Beeston Crag lies around the middle of the Sandstone Trail, and the views are wonderful from up here.

This trail follows a ridge of Sandstone and pebble beds laid down as long ago as the Triassic period! This has accumulated to create a spine that runs north-south along the Cheshire county, dividing the highlands of the north and Wales, with the lowlands of the rest of the country.

Later we are going to see the Miner’s Track – the route that miners would transport materials along from the 17th century.

Mining and quarrying have been a popular activity in this area due to the mineral richness of the land.

Day 3

We had an afternoon of fun with the Land Rover Experience at Peckforton Castle, which lies just east of the Sandstone Trail.

We know this is a walk, but we couldn’t resist taking the Land Rover Discovery for a test run… An hour of adrenaline charged fun!

We met Will and Kate (not the Royals!) from English Heritage who told us about the history of the castle. We learnt that castle took 9 years to build and is a Grade I listed building.

It was used as a hostel for disabled children evacuated from London during WWII, was one of the first venues licensed for civil ceremonies and remains a popular venue for weddings!

Day 4

Off to Bulkeley Woods this morning!

Bulkeley Woods is an area owned by The National Trust. This dense, green area includes 12 acres of ancient woodland and is now a site of biological importance for the woodland habitats within it. 

Had a chat with National Trust ranger Wendy!

The National Trust area of this walk is Wheel Friendly!  

Debs (In her TOG Buff) and Andy from accessTOG give their seal of approval in their super duper Mountain Trike! (see below)

To read Debs’ reviews of the MountainTrike and The Sandstone Trail click here.

Day 5

It’s our last day of filming today! 


We ran into dog walkers Janet and Jackie, with their pack of gorgeous furry friends! Of course, we just had to have a stroke and a little play with them – as well as a photo shoot! The Sandstone Trail is very popular for dog walking.

All this walking has made us extremely hungry… off to The Pheasant Inn for a cosy pub dinner with our good friends Laura, from The National Trust, and the lads from Atlas Drones!


Quote of the Week
“They say never work with animals and children, but all our four-legged friends in this episode were very well behaved!”

TOG Tip of the Shoot
Remember the OS map – and the chocolate, never forget the chocolate…