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Freshly Baked

Baked in house, our range of low-carb, low-sugar items are popular with local shoppers as well as those who purchase via our website.

Healthy Live TV

Healthy Live TV

Learn Dietary Information Online

Finding easy ways of accessing high-quality, science-based information is a core area of Pauline’s work. With two bachelor’s of science, a Master in Nutrition and Public health and a masters level in Integrative Medicine, translating complex science to easy to implement, everyday life is what she loves to do!

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Hungry Woman

Pauline’s latest book, Hungry Woman, focuses on eating for good health, happiness + good hormones, is a book for women of all ages. With a foreword by Julia Bradbury, this book reveals how we can minimise hormonal disruption and optimise great health and longevity.

Hungry WomanHungry Woman

Hungry Woman by Pauline Cox

It’s time to reset your hormones …

Women’s health has long been overlooked and under-researched – with menopause legislation now being openly discussed and ongoing campaigns against the stigma around periods, this important conversation is coming into the light.

In our modern lifestyles, women are increasingly suffering from a hormonal rollercoaster. From tricky puberty to endometriosis, mood swings or PMT, anxiety and adrenal fatigue, low fertility, poor sleep and tummy fat, plus many challenging menopausal and perimenopausal symptoms – this book is the solution to freeing yourself from the hormone trap.

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Keto & Low-Carb Living

At Sow & Arrow we specialise in low sugar, low carb products, high-quality and food-sourced supplements. Our belief that human health and planetary health go hand in hand is reflected in stocking companies that are both sustainable and have the same values as we do here at Sow & Arrow.

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Primal Living in a Modern World, by Pauline Cox

Pauline’s first award winning book, Primal Living in a Modern World, offers a step by step ways of optimising health. “Our modern way of living isn’t always congruent with our health needs, calming the nervous system, improving sleep and optimising hormonal balance are essential for good health!”

Use the discount code: TOG23 for a £10 off Primal Living in a Modern World.

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Sow Arrow Supplements

High-quality Supplements are a key feature at Sow & Arrow. We do the due diligence, ensuring the ingredients meet our standards. We do the due diligence, so you don’t have to!