Discover and explore the great historical landmarks of this amazing country. From the historical ships of our Naval history to the castles of our fascinating past there is plenty for everyone to enjoy. Including a trip to England’s only working Slate Mine at Honister.

Admire & Adore

Stroll through the gardens of some of the UK’s most scenic manor houses and explore the regal history of their fascinating past owners! They all have lovely cafes and shops. Many serving local produce and handmade gifts.

Rest & Refresh

If you’ve been in the car for hours and aren’t making much progress, take a little detour and stretch your legs at some areas of natural beauty. All these pitstops have a great walk nearby.

Tea & Tipple

We’re always seeking out great little spots throughout the country to have a cuppa! Here are just some fantastic ones we’ve found so far. Whether it is tea, coffee or cake that you like, here you will find some great places to indulge