Behind the Scenes with Julia Bradbury and The Outdoor Guide in Purbeck, Dorset

Dear Diary,

This week we’re off to the south coast at Old Harry Rocks in Dorset.  The crew have packed up the trusty Subaru with a lot of gear and are ready to set off… Cameraman Jan will never forget his trusty Buff neck scarf, worn as a bandana here!


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We’re driving along the Jurassic Coast to get to The Sandbanks Café for some lunch before we start filming. It’s amazing to think of all the creatures that once lived along this shoreline.

Just west of here, Mary Anning made some of the first discoveries of fossils, including a footprint of a Megalosaur, one of the largest known carnivores – eek! No chance of bumping into any on our walk though (we hope).

After lunch, we hopped on the ferry to get ourselves to the stretches of National Trust beach. We started at Shell Bay and then walked to Studland Bay to get some pretty coastal shots.


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Here’s Julia posing on the beach with her Overboard Bag

This morning after getting some footage of the beautiful views over the Purbeck countryside inland, we had a delicious early lunch at the National Trust Knoll Beach Café.


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Before setting off again we had an obligatory look around the National Trust shop where Julia was excited to find her book Unforgettable Walks for sale!


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We spent the afternoon walking around Studland Village where we filmed some beautiful scenes.

Apart from the odd celebrity we’ve spotted hitching a ferry ride over from Sandbanks, we’ve seen (and heard) lots of crickets in the grassy sand dunes.

We’ve been told to look out for Dartford Warblers on the heathlands but they’re proving hard to find!


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As we walked the last stretch to Old Harry’s Rocks, we learnt that the chalk stacks are part of a stretch of chalk that once extended to the Isle of Wight. The weather was beautiful.


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Strolling through a beautiful wooded area


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Julia posing with Old Harry!

Well, so much for the good weather! Now we are in the middle of the worst thunderstorm we’ve ever seen! We are hiding inside until it passes.

Here are some memories of the sunshine, the places we’ve stayed, the people we’ve met and the amazing walks we’ve had… So long Dorset, we’ll be back!


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Quote of the Week …
‘It’s great to be back!’

TOG Tip of the Shoot:
‘Breaking in walking shoes before heading out is a must…’