The Sandstone Trail is not wheelchair accessible, however don’t let this deter you from exploring some lovely sections within the area. It’s an area that is littered with footpaths – we often stay clear of footpaths as they more often than not have stiles… the Achilles Heel of accessibility.

So in the true spirit of The Outdoor Guide/accessTheOutdoorGuide, we explored a footpath leading out of Harthill and up towards Bodnook Wood. The footpath is easy going although if you’re in a manual wheelchair, make sure it’s rugged e.g. Mountain Trike and that you have someone who can lend a helping bicep to proceedings. If you get up to the wood, you’ll be rewarded with some lovely views although stiles and steps will bring an early end to a really fulfilling trek here.

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Take the road up towards Bulkeley Hill – close to Bulkeley Hill Farm – and you’ll find a good place to park within striking distance of The Sandstone Trail. The woods alone are worth exploring and on a clear day you will get great views through the trees even if you can’t reach the summit of the hill.

Whilst The Sandstone Trail may not be wheelchair accessible, it still offers opportunities to get outdoors into the great British countryside and enjoy all it has to offer. So get out there exploring it.

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