There are certain challenges in life as a wheelchair user.
There are the major challenges of health and wellbeing.
Huge challenges in finding (and funding) the right wheelchair.
Massive challenges about accessibility and creating the right living environment.

And don’t get me started on train travel …. there’s a whole book to write about that!

But enough of the big stuff. I want to tell you about the three products that have made a huge difference to my life as a wheelchair user. The little things!

I travel – a lot – and like most people I like to grab a coffee on the go. However, have you tried to carry a paper cup full of hot liquid between your knees? I tried it once and finished up with a latte- soaked crotch and burnt legs. Never again.

The Klean Kanteen Insulated TKWide 16oz vacuum flask.  It’s the perfect travel mug. It’s got a leakproof lid and keeps hot liquids warm for up to 16 hours.

It holds the equivalent of a medium-sized take-away coffee and it’s a really good size for carrying between your knees!

Klean Kanteen

Most women’s handbags are never big enough, mine included. Then I have the problem of where to put it. Put it on my lap and it falls off and is clumsy to hold; put it on the back of my chair and I can’t reach it easily and there is also the concern about security.

My everyday handbag contains a bicycle pump for my tyres on my wheelchair (had a flat tyre once when I was in London and it turned into a nightmare, so now I’m always prepared), my charger for the Davinci TrailRider, a Water-to-Go bottle, a flask, my purse and my makeup bag… so I do need a bigger handbag.

Water-to-Go bottle

I’m a huge fan of The Healthy Back Bag. I’ve got a few different ones now from the big bags right down to the Bagletts. I can wear the big bags either on my back and still sit comfortably in my chair or wear it on my front.

The big bags have loads of different compartments for organising your contents and great loops inside for hanging your Radar key for easy access ( I know all wheelchair users will relate to this solution – scrabbling around in your handbag for a key when you need a pee isn’t a good experience).

 The Healthy Back Bag
The Healthy Back Bag

Travelling with luggage. I always found this difficult. You can’t manage a suitcase and manoeuvre a wheelchair – you don’t have enough hands. Try it with one hand and you go around in circles. There have been times when I’ve been on a TOG road trip that I have posted a parcel of clothing to a hotel in advance of my arrival simply because I couldn’t carry everything. It really has been a problem in the past, especially when I am travelling alone.

I’ve found the perfect backpack that fits onto the back of my  Davinci wheelchair and is large enough for my needs. It’s the Osprey Farpoint Wheels 65 Travel Bag from Cotswold Outdoor.

There are lots of different compartments for storage and internal straps to secure your luggage. It has a stowaway handle and wheels which is great if you do get a helping hand.

They always say it’s the little things in life that help. Hopefully, these three things might help you!

Osprey Farpoint Wheels 65 Travel Bag
Osprey Farpoint Wheels 65 Travel Bag