Dangers on the Beach

Beaches can be amazing places for dogs to exercise and have fun but it is important for owners to be aware of these possible dangers:

  • Temperatures: It may feel cooler in sea breezes, but temperatures can still soar and cause heatstroke. Make sure your dog has constant access to a cool, shaded area and fresh water. Avoid the hottest parts of the day and be ready to head home if your dog has had enough.
  • Sea swimming: Not all dogs can swim! Some short legged breeds like corgis find it especially hard and all dogs of any breed will need to learn how to swim. If you don’t know whether your dog can swim, testing it in the sea can be very dangerous.
  • Sand: Eating sand deliberately or accidentally can be incredibly dangerous as it impacts in dog’s intestines and causes a blockage. This is an emergency situation and they will require surgery to remove the blockage. Even throwing toys on a beach can cause dogs accidentally swallow sand.
  • Seawater: Try not to let your dog drink sea water as it can make them sick. Make sure they have fresh water to drink at all times and rinse them off when you leave the beach or when you get home. This will stop them licking any salt water off their fur and prevent it making their skin sore.
  • Tides: Always check tide times before you visit the beach. This will help keep your whole family safe.
  • Seaweed: Seaweed stalks can be incredibly dangerous if eaten as they can cause a blockage in your dog’s intestine. Dried seaweed can also cause a problem as it expands when it’s eaten.
  • Jellyfish: Some types of Jellyfish can give a nasty sting to people and dogs, so check the water before swimming and don’t let dogs investigate washed up jellyfish on the beach.

Dogs die in hot cars. Remember: ‘not long’ is too long.

This blog by the PDSA is part of the Dogs Die in Hot Cars Campaign. This summer please don’t take the risk and leave your dog alone in a car. ‘Not long’ is too long. Happy Walking!

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