Today I was to walk to West Bay to catch the bus to Weymouth. What was lovely on this little 1/2 mile walk were the benches on the hill side with plaques that people over their life time had enjoyed sitting and I can under stand why.

If you are a ‘Broadchurch’ fan there is the hut that was used in the programme which I didn’t know has I had not watched it and as you approach West Bay there is the house that was also used for Charlotte Rampling in Broadchurch, as you came down the hill towards the sea front. So walking towards “ Windy Corner” I went looking for The George Pub where the buses stop. I was early or late for the bus which ever way you want to look at it as the buses run every frequently to Weymouth. So with 40 minutes I thought to check out the Hive cafe little sister cafe on the beach and have a coffee.

I must remember what the lady from Bristol said sit upstairs on the same side of the driver and you will get great views of Chesil beach the journey takes about 45 minutes to get there.
The bus was packed upstairs – shoot every one else knows that tip too! I went to the back of the bus, gosh it was hot with the engines. I noticed there was one seat at the front of the bus where a Chinese lady was sat, with a bag of Cornish pasties at the side of her – she wasn’t happy to have to move them. So now sat at the front of the bus perfectly positioned for the journey.

With note pad in hand I wrote down things of interest that I could come back too. My aim with buying a return ticket was to go to Weymouth and stay on the bus for its return journey. I stayed on the bus and went to the other side so I could see Chesil beach from another angle – got that wrong. I assumed it was returning to Bridport and it was only as it pulled away the conductor at the station shouted ‘Stop you still have someone aboard!’

The driver replied ‘I can’t see them’ so I shouted down stairs ‘I am here!’ I tell you what it must be a small mirror…..

On the return to Bridport you get to see Chesil beach again and my intention on this journey was to visit a wood turners called Dansels at Abbotsbury. They specialise in cutting edge contemporary woodwork made by 200 designer craftsmen working in the UK and many from the South West.

After this I then walked on to the swannery and see “ The Baby Swans”. I enquired about why they didn’t call them signets, and they said that children wouldn’t understand what a signet was and that was the reasoning behind the signs. How are kids meant to learn!?

The walk from the village is about an 1/2 mile walk and not up hill ‘Yippee!’

On leaving the village you immediately come across the St Nicholas Church on your right. It is beautiful and the old oak gate looks like the original. You then walk down towards the animal farm which looked great for the children.

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On approach to the swannery there are toilets near the carpark and the cafe. There are signs saying these are the last toilets before you go in the swannery and I can fully understand why the signs tell you this!

On entering where the swans are, there is a shed with benches in and a big screen where you have a little 10 minute introduction to the swannery and its history.

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I expected the swans to be noisy but they were not. Perhaps I am used to the swans in my local park who fight over food when people bring it, where as here you are encouraged not to feed or touch them.

There were hundreds of swans and lots of other birds whose names I don’t know. At 3.45pm they all started to stir, stretch their legs and walk in the direction of the water, they knew it was feeding time.

Its well worth a visit for all age groups and suitable for most parts for wheel chairs.

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Getting off the bus outside The George at West Bay I couldn’t face walking up the hill and back over to Eype, so asked a local for a taxi number.

There are a number of places to eat in West Bay and next time I will check out the the Hives little sister, the Station Kitchen and Rachel’s kiosk for coffee near windy corner, now as my best friend used to say ‘the clue is in the name” I have always remembered that…

I did tell you this was “Yvonne’s Bite Size Walks” and you may have thought Yvonne’s small walks – well now you might be getting to know and realising my whole life revolves around food. Food that is made and sourced locally and served by nice people.

My thought are when it comes to cooking and preparing food that people who aren’t happy in their job cant make happy food, end off.

To me its not just about the food its the environment and the people in it, and for that I will travel miles…