Golden Cap, the highest point on the entire south coast of England.
I was told about a National Trust carpark at Langdon. It’s not sign posted probably because of the accessibility. It has a dodgy exit to cross such a busy road. I parked up at Langdon Hill as there were 2 routes I could walk and one was easier and not as long. I have to say I wasn’t easy at leaving my car in such a quiet wooded area, but when I noticed the police signs saying ‘move it or loose it’, and a lady said there are break ins here. So with that new information I decided to go and Park at Seatown near The Anchor pub.

I don’t mean to labour on about security for your car, but I have a rule, if I am to park up any where and need to put something in my boot, I pull over and do that long before I am actually going to park.

You walk out of the carpark past the attendants hut and join the road (if you need a toilet turn left to wards the pub and just after is public toilets) if not turn to the right and walk up the hill. Towards Golden Cap holiday park is a little shop that belongs to the holiday park and at 5 o’clock they do pizzas. Carry on walking up the hill and there is the sign on your left for Golden Cap.

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Its a steady steep climb and lots of steps, the views are fabulous and a couple of benches on the way where you can rest. I have to say I choose well with the weather as it was a little cloudy which was perfect for me and the climb. I have no idea of the time on my walks, as when you’re at work you live by your watch for it.

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For me, it was about the enjoyment of been outside and all your senses kicking in with the vision, the sound of the waves and the bees buzzing. I noticed the little things like butterflies in the grasses and watching the movements of the trees and the rustle of the leaves.

If you are not feeling too good, get out in that fresh air and nature will be the tonic to your soul.