What three words is a geolocation app which has broken the world down into 3-meter square boxes and given them all unique names. It can be used in lots of ways, including getting packages delivered to the right place and letting other twitchers know where your last epic bird sighting was. We like to use it to take our walking trips from good to great, follow our five tips below to do the same!


1) Use it to stay safe
This is the most boring of the 5 tips, but it is important so bear with us! What.Three.Words is one of the fastest ways to let mountain rescue know where you are. Emergency responders can use What.Three.Words to find you, far more easily than if you had to describe it yourself. ‘I think there are some rocks near us’ isn’t much to go on. You can use the app with minimal mobile data, so even if you’re in the middle of nowhere it should work!

2) Share your favourite spots with fellow hikers
If you’re big into hiking Instagram you may already know that lots of influencers use What.Three.Words to let everyone know where they’ve been. It can be an excellent way to share your adventures, especially the more obscure beauty spots. Our friend Phil Sproson Photography is the master of doing this in his native Peak District. By using What.Three.Words, Phil can share his amazing photo location with his followers. This in turn helps promote the Peak District to more people, a win-win.


3) Organise cool meeting points
Meeting your walking group just got much easier. Rather than sending a vague description and hoping for the best, you can now send an exact meeting point. You could also use it to create a walking treasure hunt. To do this, get everyone in your group to send in the location of their favourite spot and take it in turns walking to all of them.

4) Send warnings to other walkers
Anyone who’s ever tried to plan a walk can tell you that paths are not always where the map says they are. Sometimes farmers let paths get overgrown, sometimes Rights of Way change, sometimes maps are just slightly off. Whatever the reason, it can be confusing and hard to overcome. If you find a path like this, or if another obstacle arises on your walk, don’t keep it to yourself! Let other walkers know by sharing the obstacle on social media using What.Three.Words location, so they know where to avoid.


5) Sharing wildlife sightings
Walking helps you to appreciate nature better, so it’s no surprise that so many of us walkers are nature enthusiasts too. Finding the exact location you spotted your favourite animal on What.Three.Words, helps you keep track of them. It can also alert other nature enthusiasts about a new location for possible sighting if you share the location with them!

What are you waiting for download What.Three.Words and share your favourite walking spots, nature sightings and more on our social media. Follow us here:

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