Author: Nick Lloyd-Davies

Twelve year-old Katie has a magic glowstone that can be called upon by any animal in trouble, anywhere in the world – and it’s up to Katie to put things right, with a little magic!

In this latest adventure, Katie is transported to Henderson Island in the South Pacific ocean where Harry, a green turtle, and his best friend, Basil the crown-of-thorns starfish are both suffering from tummy-ache caused by ingesting plastic pollution.

Foreword by Julia Bradbury

TV Presenter, Co-Founder of The Outdoor Guide, Patron of the Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) Charity, Ambassador of Keep Britain Tidy.

Julia Bradbury
Julia Bradbury

“Children easily identify with animals and sea-life and they are also becoming much more aware of man-made pollution and climate change because of the sad stories associated with animal habitat loss and destruction.

Families reading this story will recognise the struggles faced by Harry the Green Turtle and Basil the Crown-of-Thorns starfish,  against the scourge of plastic pollution filling the world’s oceans.

Nick Lloyd -Davies like all of us, hopes it will inspire young (and old!) readers to act now to save our oceans and the delicate ecosystems that depend upon them.”

Julia Bradbury