Everyone loves a good Buff, and for me, this is the item that I always have in my rucksack. But for those who have never heard of a ‘Buff’ before, they started out originally as a lightweight, high stretch, multifunctional neck scarf for travel and outdoor activities. They dry quick and can be used in hot or cold weather. It can be used as a headscarf too, in fact, there are so many ways you can wear your Buff, it is their usp if you like.

The great thing about this product is that they not only come in amazing colours and designs but they can easily be squashed, I mean, packed into your bag. Then come, rain, sun or snow just pop it out and work out one of the many ways to wear it! They also have a vast array of lifestyle collections that are absolutely amazing – if you can imagine a colour or pattern they will have it, and better!

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When filming I am often wearing headphone so a Buff can keep my ears warm but I can still hear what Julia is saying! Buff do an array of products now from hats, headbands, balaclavas, hoods, bandanas, neckwear and dog products! You can wear one for all sorts of events, whether it is for daily wear, walking, skiing or mountain biking. They also have a great collection of materials too including Microfiber, Thermonet, Merino Wool, Polar Fleece and a Windproof collection too!

I like the company because they are continually developing their designs and they are becoming more sustainable too. the packaging is smaller saving 75 tonnes of cardboard a year which means they pack more onto the trucks reducing their carbon emissions by 18% and I love that it’s also made from 80% recycled paper.

So whatever project you have planned, whatever route you have mapped out, or if you have finally booked that plane ticket, I would remember your Buff and…

Live More Now.