Gadget Girl Ella Review! We know we should eat less and move more, but do you know what *she says through a mouthful of chocolate biscuit*, getting motivated can be tough. I’ve been through a number of fitness bands and trackers in my time and I have to say that whilst the functionality can be impressive, having a big chunk of black plastic on my wrist isn’t my idea of style. If I want to accurately track my daily exercise, I need something I am happy to wear all the time, something that looks good, which I have found with the Withings ActivitE range. gadgets-to-get-fit-image-1 I’ve been testing the ActivitE Pop. It looks like a traditional analogue watch, no digital screens or complex buttons, just a nice classic watch face. The watch face sports a subtle exercise dial spanning 0-100 (%) – again, analogue – that shows you how much of your daily exercise target you’ve achieved. To me it’s like a fuel gauge, I know at a glance if I’m miles away from target, a kick up the gluts to move more. Pop syncs via Bluetooth LE to your smartphone and tracks your steps, sleep, calories burnt and general exercise levels. You can input additional sports and food you’ve eaten for an extra accurate assessment of your day.