She’s Electric: Biking It is fascinating, not to mention exciting, for me to watch the transition from a world where transport is powered by fuel alone, and seeing it become increasingly eco-friendly and electrically powered. Now my family have always been early adopters and my parents (in their 60s and 70s) have fully embraced the electric car. The car isn’t perfect and has seen them be towed from a motorway lay-by more than once, but as with any newer technology the electric car is still a work in progress and that progress is very exciting indeed. Over in California, inventor Storm Sondors has proudly announced his own electric vehicle, a bike – and this bike is billed as “the lightest, fastest and most affordable electric vehicle available”. The electric bike is called ‘Thin’ and will launch to market in May this year for around £350. It has already almost quadrupled its initial $100,000 crowd-funding target on Indiegogo and looks incredibly sleek and streamlined. Electric bicycles are seriously versatile. They are great not only for tackling a daily working commute to eliminate excessive sweating in your finery, but they are also fantastic for exploring the great outdoors. Hills happen and we are glad they do as they are beautiful to admire – not so beautiful to pedal up. Electric bikes can free your energy up to really open your eyes and take in the nature around you. Thin has an impressive spec for its price tag. It will travel at 20mph, provides 20 miles on a single charge from its lightweight Panasonic single cell battery, sports a lean aluminium frame, a 350W motor and, crucially, an extremely easy to navigate set of controls. Roll on May… ella-image-2