Are you fond of the outdoors? If so, then as a parent, it would be natural for you to want your children to be motivated in a similar fashion too.

When it comes to hobbies like mountaineering and long distance trekking in the hills, most parent’s are concerned about the safety and well-being of the children; and justifiably so!

After all, you cannot guarantee a child-friendly environment all the time. Hence, it is better to prepare your children physically and mentally for being out in the hills. 

So what’s best for training your kids for the outdoors?
Being out in the hills and mountains is a life changing experience for any youngster.  They develop a different positive outlook to life when they are in touch with the forces of nature.

As a hobby, it requires an improved state of fitness and stamina. Once they acquire these qualities, it is bound to give them self-confidence and self-reliance which is so important in every sphere of life.

So it is important for the parents to take steps to make the children fit for all kinds of outdoor activities in the hilly regions

Being Fitter can help with Being Safer
If your kids are physically fit they can overcome en-route obstacles easily.

The importance of safety and physical fitness can never be over emphasised. Being physically fit will make them safe and comfortable while doing any outdoor activity.

Importance of Sports kit
Just as you’ll want your kids to wear the right kinds of clothes for hill walking and have the right kinds of footwear, you’ll want to make sure you select the most comfortable and the best quality shoes for exercise.

Imagine how it would be if your kids were to accompany you in the hills but had ill-fitting shoes! It would not only slow them down but could also cause blisters.

Therefore ensure that the type of shoes that you select are comfortable and the best that you can get in your budget.  Well-fitting shoes can make all the difference.

Once the basics are settled, there are many exercises parents can do with kids to get fitter for hill walking.
The focus should be on building up overall strength and agility and also strengthening of thigh muscles and knee joints.

Exercises Parents Can Do With Kids to Get Fitter for Hill Walking

1 – Running & Jogging
Building up stamina and muscle is important and hence regular running and jogging form the core activity for any youngster who wishes to be in the mountains.

Stamina will make your kids go on independently for a longer time and at the same time, enjoy the beauty of nature around them without having to stop for long rest breaks.

2 – Squats
Squats are the best way to build up muscles of the thighs and also strengthen the knees.

If the child is small or has some difficulty in doing this exercise, you can substitute it by making him or her sit up and down in a chair a few times.

3 – Step-Ups
If you have a staircase in your house, one of the best ways to develop the muscles of the legs and knee joints is to do step ups (and downs) a few times. This could be done slowly in the initial stages and then gradually increased in time and duration.

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