Want to know how to prep for a camping trip? Here is Julia Bradbury’s top camping checklist:

  1. Prepare for rain. A ground sheet is a must, even if it’s not raining while you’re camping the ground will probably be damp so keep out the moisture.
  2. Go to bed warm, if you get in a sleeping bag warm then you will sleep better. So do a little dance. Wear a pair of fluffy socks, whatever you need to do to raise your body temperature.
  3. Pack the Citronella candles to fight off the midges.
  4. Take proper walking boots if you’re planning to explore.
  5. Pack a head torch for the night time wee.
  6. Pack a First Aid kit including midge spray, incase the citronella doesn’t work
  7. Take a proper pillow! Good for the journey and cosy for the tent.
  8. Do a bit of research on camp fire cuisine, it is surprisingly easy and you can let  the kids have a go at cooking too. (Don’t forget the tin foil).  ‘Pitch Up, Eat Local’ by Ali Ray is a great camping cookbook.
  9. Don’t forget the tent pegs! We have all done it. There are only so much cutlery that can be used instead.
  10. Remember to have fun, have a morning dance looking out at something beautiful and let the kids run wild and get muddy.

Some great gear and gadgets to go camping with: