Let’s go family camping! Clive Garrett from award-winning family camping brand, Outwell, has five tips that will help you choose the right kit so you can get the most out of this highly enjoyable pastime. Find out more about the Outwell camping experience, products and tips, at: theoutdoorguid.wpengine.com/outwell
Decide where, how often and for how long you want to camp – this will help you focus on your overall needs and find the right tent and accessories. Also consider how much space you will need to maintain, store and transport your tent and equipment. While you can add trailers and roof racks to transport gear in smaller cars, home space might limit choice. 

Take your time and research thoroughly. Talk to experienced campers on campsites and online via social media channels like our friendly Outwell communities. Visit specialist retailers to check out options. Do you have any friends or family who are already campers? Ask if you can borrow their tent and equipment to get a taste of camping and all it entails before you buy.
  2. MAKE LISTS AND BUY OPTIONS AS PACKAGES An Outwell tent features various zones and you can use these areas to help you remember what you need for outside life and in the living, dining, kitchen and bedrooms. It makes it easier to identify the furnishing and equipment required as you make a list of things you and your family believe your dream country home should contain. And, remember to order those optional extras like awnings, extensions, carpets and footprints – demand is high for these items and they will often quickly sell out.
  3. DON’T EXPECT CHAMPAGNE AT LEMONADE PRICES Tent and accessory price tags reflect a brand’s research, development and quality so, while there are cheap camping packages available and deals to be struck, remember that the performance and lifespan of your purchase will often reflect the price you pay.
  4. MAXIMISE YOUR INVESTMENT Don’t just store your gear ready for the next camping adventure but consider what else it can be used for in daily life − you want to get the most out of your purchase. For instance, buy nice furniture and you’ll be tempted to use it in the garden along with the barbecue and lanterns. A cool box can be used to keep food fresh when cleaning the fridge or visiting a supermarket.
  5. PROTECT YOUR PURCHASE Learn how to use, maintain and store your camping equipment and it will last for years. But to be on the safe side it is worth checking insurance.