Here you will find a list of wonderful people coming together to help clean up our countryside:

Dorset Devils
Dorset Devils are a community of Bournemouth residents and beyond who love where they live but dislike litter and it’s harmful effects on the environment and nature. We are each willing to do something positive by picking up litter, when and where we chose, giving us total choice and freedom.

Occasionally, we come together as TeamDD on various organised picks with other groups as well as talk with children at primary schools and scout packs in our local area to help raise awareness.

Dorset DevilWe are thrilled to be linked with Julia Bradbury and her Outdoor Guide Team who have become DD no. 300! We both hold a similar passion for the outdoors in all it’s various forms and believe whilst we enjoy it, it needs to be cherished and preserved for everyone else.

Dorset Devils

Friends of Marston Green Station (near NEC) are having a litter pick on 21st July.

More coming soon …