ViewRanger have re-designed their navigation app with help from user feedback and testing. It allows for a world of beautiful routes to be discovered, published by experts and enthusiasts.   ViewRanger 6: Helping you find the right adventure for you   discovery-mobile

Everyone’s different: The discovery tab

  • Browse a world of beautiful routes published by experts and enthusiasts
  • Filter your route searches easily to suit your interests and needs that day
  • Explore the new collections to discover a treasure trove of routes from guidebook publishers and tourism brands
  • Watch the app learn the sports and locations you care about
  map-tab-mobile Get down to it: The map tab
  • Never get lost: Tap the compass to show your real-time GPS position on the map
  • Let yourself be guided and enjoy pop-up information
  • Feel safe with ViewRanger’s unique active navigation features
  • Record a track and monitor your speed, altitude, and many more stats
  • Plot your own or follow another’s route
  • Add points of interest
  organise-mobile Organise your adventures: The my adventures tab
  • Store and share adventures you record
  • Collect routes that grabbed your attention
  • Personalise your space with photos and a few (or more!) words
  • Follow friends and favourite publishers
  search-mobileIf you’ve got something in mind: The search tab Search for…
  • places – to explore them on the map
  • routes – by route name
  • people – to follow friends or brands
  • map coordinates – if that’s how you roll