Mend Our Mountains is a call to action to everyone who values the hills, mountains and landscapes of Britain. It aims to galvanise mass support for things we all use: the paths, bridleways and bridges which underpin our experiences in the great outdoors.

The current phase of Mend Our Mountains, Mend Our Mountains: Make One Million, is a year-long appeal to raise £1 million in total to fix runaway erosion in some of Britain’s most popular landscapes, creating sustainable walking routes for future generations to enjoy.

The projects featured in Mend Our Mountains: Make One Million range from England’s highest mountain to the fabled seat of a Welsh giant; from the sub-arctic Cairngorms to the gentle coast of the Solent; from bleakest Dartmoor to one of Scotland’s most well-walked Munros. Repairs to all these projects are urgently needed but won’t happen without the success of this appeal.

Mend Our Mountains: Make One Million is the ‘sequel’ to the first Mend Our Mountains campaign in spring 2016, a crowdfunding drive which raised £100,000 for mountain paths across England and Wales and garnered national news headlines.

Message to TOG …

“Having Julia there was fantastic. Her support for Mend Our Mountains is a big boost for the appeal, and her energy and enthusiasm with volunteers on the night buoyed everyone’s spirits and gave the whole event a lift.”

The Mend Our Mountains: Make One Million appeal is about more than just tidying up a few muddy paths. It aims to galvanise a sense of pride and responsibility for looking after places that play an important role in many of our lives, whether we walk, run, ride, ramble, camp or climb. Lighting up the Great Ridge symbolised this collective determination to give something back to the landscapes we care about. They look after our health, so we should look after theirs.