Coffee Notes is the collective idea from a group of people at Epic who are passionate about Design, Colour and the environment.

The paper is made from recycled coffee cups and recycled pulp. About 40% of the paper is coffee cup – the other is made from recycled pulp.

We are pleased to say that none of the coffee cup is wasted in the recycling process, the plastic is sent away to be made into insulation cables.

Available in 10 vibrant colours the colour combinations are an exciting prospect for your designs.

“It has been a pleasure working with Holly and Gina on The Outdoor Guide Notebook. With our shared passion for the environment it really was a partnership that was going to produce an attractive and versatile book that you can stash away in your ruck sack. Happy trekking and ensure to make those notes.”

About Epic Print

Epic has enjoyed 27 years in the printing industry. Over the years we have seen many technological and environmental changes.

We take pride in the knowledge that we produce printed material for leading companies whilst ensuring that we use the most efficient and clean consumables in our products.

ISO 14001 accredited we adhere to strict guidelines to maintain our green ethos. We use recycled paper and board wherever we can. We recycle our waste paper, ink, aluminium, plastic and many other consumables. We monitor our energy consumption and employ the most energy efficient practices throughout the company.

We have been lucky enough to work with many leading designers, brands and have our own in-house design team.

Coffee Notes is a first for us. We are used to providing a service to produce high quality products that have been supplied or created in tandem with us.

With Coffee Notes we started with the product. Recycled Coffee Cups made into Notebooks? How could we refuse.

We would love you to contact us to talk about personalising your brand onto the Coffee Notes Book. We can make your book bespoke in terms of size, pages and colours. The possibilities are endless.

Sometimes, it seems that we can’t escape pollution. In our streets, in the countryside and even filling our minds! Happily, we’re not powerless …