ICE Trikes have been building high quality recumbent trikes in Falmouth since 1999. They have an exciting range of six different recumbent trike models, each one built to order by our expert team. Delivering the most refined and comfortable ride available today.

ICE Trikes are super comfortable, fun, easy to ride, stable and are ideal for all kinds of riders due to the riding position being naturally suited to adaptive cycling.

They are ideal for riders who have a disability, confidence or balance issues that keeps you from riding a traditional bike. Trikes are stable, safe, fun and can change your life.

Whether youre touring, commuting, racing, exploring or simply enjoying a relaxed weekend cycle ride, a recumbent trike enables you to cycle again or for the first time.

Available with powerful electric assist motors that let you explore even further and easier than before. You dont even have to worry about gear changing as some even come with fully automatic electronic gear shifting too! Simply pedal and go.

The different trike models are designed to suite every riders needs, from lightweight and fast racing trikes, to comfortable and relaxed trikes, to off-road and expedition trikes capable of taking you to the South Pole. With a 10 year warranty they are worry free, built in Britain, a great range of accessories and are designed to last.

Visit their website for more details, find a dealer near you and take one for a test ride yourself.

Hello from ICE Trikes …

It’s great to be featured on The Outdoor Guide!

ICE Trikes are super comfortable, safe to ride and can enable people who can’t ride a traditional bike to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. Take one for a spin to see for yourself!

~ ICE Trikes