Magical Mindfulness – Creative wellbeing workshops for empowering children

Magical Mindfulness workshops are designed for children (boys and girls) aged 6 and above. We also run more in-depth teen workshops too. Through mixed arts and various activities, our workshops help support those with anxiety, emotional and social problems and helps with their cognitive development and learning.

With a different theme for each workshop, such as Friendship, Kindness, Gratitude and Trust, we cover mindful arts and crafts, story sharing, meditation, writing, affirmations, create mood boards, sound therapy and lots more.

Our workshops are fun and educational with the aim of aiding our children with mindful techniques they can use at home, school and socially. We also encourage shared learning so children can learn from everyone present.

The sessions take place inside and outside in nature during the summer months where we use the wonders of nature to help ease worry and promote positivity.


Kate | Owner

“I’m beyond thrilled to be partnering with The Outdoor Guide, the number one place to be for all things wellbeing and outdoors!

There’s so much to get involved in and be inspired by the opportunities are endless.

Like The Outdoor Guide, Magical Mindfulness celebrates bringing the beauty and benefits of nature to life and making it real and accessible for everyone.”

TOG Says …

“We’re firm believers in the importance of looking after your wellbeing – and that starts with children. And where better to get some mindfulness than out in nature!”

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